Two wheels and 65hp

I got my motorcycle driving license a very long time ago, but somehow never managed to buy one until a few years ago.

Honda NX 250 Dominator

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I started out with an enduro (a soft cross / trial bike), the Honda NX 250 Dominator, which was perfect for novices like me looking for something that is very good quality. However, long rides turned out to be not very butt-friendly. So began the search for a more comfortable bike.

Honda VFR 400

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In a burst of insanity, I sold my Honda VFR on Good Friday 2002. She was ideal for banking corners, but I felt I did not have enough time and that it would be best to part with her instead of letting her live out her life neglected. But when she finally left for a new home in southern Germany, it almost broke my heart. Her rundown: a real lightweight, easy to handle, and powerful!!! Rare too, because my VFR was one out of only 200 legally imported machines. At each coffee shop stop, other bikers examined her curiously, because never before had they seen such an attractive “sewing machine”.

Yamaha BT 1100 Bulldog

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Dangerous name for a soft giant. The air-cooled V2 cylinder had already been built into the legendary Yamaha TR1, and in the last 20 years has given many other bikes a deep, sonorous humming sound. 1,100 ccm, 65 hp and around 250 kg live weight don’t really make for a light bike. But this bike wasn’t designed for high speed anyway, but for cruising with a very good lean angle. Add to that an excellent handling, powerful brakes, a virtually maintenance free shaft-drive and an enormously comfortable seat, and you have a pretty cool bike.

Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion

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The XJ 600 S Diversion is ideal for women and offers excellent wind protection, as well as a comfortable riding position. In spite of her 208 kilos, she’s easy to handle, and her 50 hp are good enough for all driving conditions.


BMW F 650 GS

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Good Friday was a sorry affair for me, on Easter Sunday it rained in my heart, and on Easter Monday I consulted the internet for a new bike. And stroke gold in Marburg: BMW F 650 GS, two years old, only 2000 km clocked up, anti-lock breaking system and heating handles – I woke the sellers by phone. With 50 hp, you can tear along surprisingly nicely and I like the enduro sitting position very much! Not long after that, I added a very comfortable ergonomic seat.