All my pets

Alle meine Tiere

I have been known to rescue baby birds that have fallen out of their nests. A couple of years ago, it was a little naked crow, which I named Abraxas. Unfortunately, he or she didn’t survive the rescue operation…

Sam, the best Golden Retriever in the world

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Sam’s “I’m a good boy” face was misleading because he was a very sly one. When feeling a little bored, he would sneak out, steal our neighbor’s shoes and gnaw them into pieces. Just before Christmas 2009, Sam had to leave us forever. We are convinced that he is happily continuing his mischief in heaven…



One afternoon of love

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And this is the result! Golden Retriever girl Tessa had taken Sam’s fancy, and four grown people waited impatiently for “the” day. The day came – and with it eight adorable puppies. Because my heart leaped at the sight of those little balls of fur, one puppy was allowed to spend a night with us before being given to his new family.


Mogli and Bruno, an unlikely couple

What happens when a loose and lazy Turkish cat meets a batty, over-energized clown? Fun, of course! Shortly after arriving from Istanbul, Mogli transformed from a slim, elegant cat into a round, sedentary ball whose main purpose in life is to force everyone and everything to cuddle with her. For Bruno, once he had overcome his terror of our big, blond monster (Sam), he actually started sleeping between the dog’s big paws.

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Wolfi likes cats so much, he could eat them alive

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At least, this was what we thought, because before Wolfi met Mogli and Bruno, we are certain he would have enjoyed a nice cat or two for breakfast. Today – it’s hard to believe – Mogli is never safe from a cuddle-and-kiss attack.


The dog-cat

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Before Sam was born and we only had two cats, we used to volunteer to walk the dogs for our local animal shelter. One day, the mailman delivered a letter from the municipality. We were informed that we own a dog from the animal shelter and therefore we owed taxes. Since I am a freelance copywriter, and therefore don’t have much to do 😉 I wrote back:

“Attached please find a photo of our pet to which you obviously refer to. The name of the animal is “Jeannie”, the gender is female, and she is five years old. Maybe those facts are relevant for fixing the tax. Until today, I assumed that Jeannie is a pedigree British-Shorthair cat. Having read your letter, I am not so sure anymore. Maybe Jeannie is a dog after all? Should this be the case, I am certainly willing to pay the tax. In this connection, please be so kind as to tell me what dog breed this is in order to raise the poor thing like it’s supposed to be. Even the thought of a dog having to eat cat’s food, being encouraged to use a cat tray and being forced to make “miaow” instead of bark gives me the creeps. Should you come to the conclusion that the animal shown on the photo is in fact a cat, I take the liberty to advise you to look for more reliable sources.”

They replied right away: It was obviously a mistake and they regretted the incident.

Fritz, the (un)lucky fellow

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This tiny male cat had more luck than skill. On the other hand, who knows for sure, because the homeless and ill little thing managed to drag himself in front of my neighbor’s car. Accident or intentionally? My neighbor took this tiny bundle to my house, and I, in turn took him directly to the vet. After initial problems, he grew up splendidly. So splendidly indeed that we needed to find him a playmate (Pongo), because he would probably have turned our house upside down alone. Both cats have since found a loving family.