Kellogg uses Twitter in PR agency search

Kellogg is looking for an agency to handle its public relations, and is using Twitter to aid its search in what the brand believes is the first time the medium has been used for this purpose. Read the whole story on Mumbrella.

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(Almost) everything you need to know about Twitter

AllTwitter at MediaBistro calls itseld the “Unofficial Twitter Resource”. In any way, it’s a comprehensive resource for beginners and pros alike. If you are looking for the latest news and developments of Twitter or if you want to make your Twitter appearance more successful, this is a great place to start.

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Die besten Social Media Kampagnen-Videos 2011

Kein Wunder: Immer mehr Unternehmen setzen auf Social Media Kampagnen. Auch kein Wunder: Nicht alle dieser Kampagnen verdienen das Prädikat “wertvoll”. Die Betreiber der Website tobesocial haben hunderte von Social Media Kampagnen-Videos gesichtet und die aus ihrer Sicht besten sieben zusammengestellt. Mein persönlicher Liebling: Die Twitter-Kampagne von Orange.

Wer kennt weitere gute Social Media Kampagnen?

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Pure-bloods vs. Muggle-borns: The hard life of translators & project managers

By my dear Twitter friend @MoiraineM

Have you ever thought what’s life like for a modern translator/project manager working in a translation firm? The truth is that it can sometimes be really hard: among others, she or he has to deal with a whole “army” of very special people (freelance translators) and a highly demanding translation agency owner (who, very often, has nothing to do with the profession of translation).

Most importantly, however, she or he has to reply to the every-day translation requests coming from people who, usually, are not familiar with the process of translation at all. As you may imagine, this can sometimes lead to very funny incidents. To make this easier for you to understand, I will give you a short description of the handling and management of translation requests in terms of the famous Harry Potter universe:

Life in the Office

The life of a Pure-blood Translator/Project Manager in a translation agency can be arduous when one has to answer the questions of Muggle-borns. The Pure-blood Translator/Project Manager has been put in this position so she or he can answer to the frustrating inquiries of ignorant Muggle-borns regarding the subject of translation. The Pure-blood has been trained to be very patient, understanding and helpful (characteristics that are not so common in wizards, as is widely known): she or he explains the art of translation and the translation procedure to the potential Muggle-born client and, having done that, tries to persuade her/his interlocutor that “Yes, we can certainly handle this translation and this price is the best possible price there is.” Success is usually frail, however, sometimes Muggle-borns are convinced and the agency is assigned the translation project in question.

“Extreme” queries

However, sometimes the demands and questions of Muggle-borns are such that even the highly-trained Pure-blood representative is at a total loss to deal with them. To give you an idea:

  • “Would it, please, be possible to ask your Spanish translator, who sits in your office, to come by my house right now and help me out with my Spanish text?” (Yes, could you hold on a moment, I will take the translator’s chains off, get her/him out of the cage and she/he will be on her/his way.)
  • “Hi, I have a text in some Balkan language which I don’t understand of course. Could I read it to you and you can tell me what language this is and what this is about exactly?” (Hold on, switching to Balkan languages mode.)
  • “Why, yes, I accept your offer regarding the interpreter. One other question, please: will he be carrying his ‘home’ with him?” (That’s the well-known “snail-interpreter”.)
  • “And when you say ‘word count’, does this include the ‘ands’, the articles, commas and full stops too?” (I would love to be able to send you a text without them.)
  • “Oh, you sent me the translation offer by fax half an hour ago, hold on, let me check… Okay, what colour is the fax page?” (There is literally no rational reply to that one.)

Unfortunately, there is no spell known to be able to handle such requests satisfactorily.

In modern terms

These are a few only of the things a translator/project manager has to put up with in her/his daily routine when handling incoming requests from prospects. Nonetheless, translators are there to protect clients, guide them through this difficult and unfamiliar, even strange process for them and facilitate their communication and their language needs as best as they can.

* I wish to deeply thank Catherine (@LinguaGreca) for her invaluable input and, of course, Marion (@msbrains) who had the idea for this post and for hosting it in her blog.

Moiraine is a professional English/French into Greek translator; she worked for 5 years as a PM in an esteemed translation agency in Athens, Greece. Follow her on Twitter and learn more about her here: @MoiraineM

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11 Steps To Make Sure You Get Paid As A Freelancer

We all want to get paid for our work, but some of us don’t. Even I had to learn that the hard way.

I’m not talking about situations where the freelancer delivers bad or unpunctual work. I take it for granted that you always give your best and adhere to what you and the client have agreed upon. I’m talking about those situations where you acted professionally, but still don’t get paid. Sure, you can always try to sue a client, but nobody wants that. It’s time-consuming, nerve-racking, it can be very expensive, and when it comes to clients in a foreign country, it’s usually very complicated and sometimes virtually impossible.

Here is my gist from more than 20 years of freelancing:

Step 1: If you get an email from accounts like Yahoo or gmail – be cautious. Trustworthy clients should either email from their company account or at least give complete contact details – up front. If they don’t, go to step 10.

Step 2: Does the potential client have a company web site? If not, go to step 10.

Step 3: Check the potential client out as well as you can: What can you find about them on the internet? Google their name together with expressions like “late payment” or “never paid”. If it’s a translation job, check if they have a blue board entry on or similar web sites. If it’s not good, go to step 10.

Step 4: Always ask for a written purchase order, ideally in a dedicated document where all the job information, payment terms and contact details of the client are listed, or at least a specific email. If you don’t get that, go to step 10.

Step 5: If you are asked to sign a company agreement, especially check the payment terms and your and the client’s duties.

Step 6: If the client is late with payment, don’t wait and don’t be shy. Send them a polite reminder. Set a short payment date, a week, for example. Ask for your note to be forwarded to the accounts department or put them in cc. Ask for a reply.

Step 7: If the reminder does not help, send a second reminder right after your deadline. Follow up with a phone call. Do not – I repeat – do not accept new jobs from this client until they have paid you!

Step 8: If your follow-up still doesn’t help, it’s very likely that you’ve run into a trouble client. In those cases, I simply threaten them. If it’s an agency, I tell them that I will contact their client (the one I have been working for them) and inform them about the situation. Sometimes I even have the relevant information to do that – forwarded emails from the final client or data in the file attributes. Or I threaten them with an adequate blue board entry. I usually don’t have to do that. I guess they sense how serious I am 

Step 9: If everything fails, don’t hesitate to sue the client. Get a lawyer, tell your story and provide him with all the evidence you have – then forget about it. Legal actions take time. It’s absolutely no use to think and ponder the whole thing all the time as it takes away your energy. The few times I had to sue clients, I did my best to prepare the lawyer and then got back to work. In one case, I had to wait two years until the client was finally made to pay. You don’t want to rack your brain for two years, do you?

Step 10: Ask for complete advance payment or on staged payments for large projects. I usually tell them something like “Because of negative experiences in the past, I require advance payment for the first job of a new client. Thank you for your understanding.” If they don’t want to do that, go to step 11. I have a few clients with which I had payment problems in the past. I still work with them, but I always insist on advance payment. It works fine.

Step 11: Forget the client.

Want to add more tips? Share them with us!

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Bruce Springsteen – Lonesome Day

Das Meiste, was man so an Übersetzungen von fremdsprachigen Songs findet, gefällt mir nicht. Dann mache ich es eben selbst 🙂


Einsamer Tag


Liebling, früher dachte ich, dass ich alles wusste

Was ich über die wissen musste

Dein liebevolles Flüstern, dein zartes Fingerspiel

Doch im Grunde wusste ich nicht viel

Ein Spaß auf meine Kosten, aber das ist schon OK

Solange ich Licht am Ende dieses einsamen Tages seh

Einsamer Tag


Die Hölle kocht, eine dunkle Sonne geht auf

Dieser Sturm nimmt bald seinen furchtbaren Lauf

Das Haus brennt und ich kann Schlangen sehen

Ein bisschen Rachsucht, aber auch das wird vergehen

Auch das wird vergehen, Liebes

Ja, ich bete, dass ich die Versuchung ertrag

Aber jetzt hab ich nur diesen einsamen Tag

Einsamen Tag


Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK


Bevor du austeilst, solltest du fragen

Betrug und Verrat liegen bitter im Magen

Am Tag der Abrechnung bleibt dir nichts erspart

Und auf der Zunge hält sich ein schaler Belag

Dein Reich komme, irgendwie komm ich schon klar

Ja, mit diesem einsamen Tag

Einsamer Tag

Einsamer Tag

Einsamer Tag


Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja

Es ist OK, es ist OK, es ist OK, ja


Einsamer Tag

Einsamer Tag

Einsamer Tag

(Original – © byBruce Springsteen)

Lonesome Day

Baby once I thought I knew
Everything I needed to know about you
Your sweet whisper, your tender touch
I didn’t really know that much
Joke’s on me, it’s gonna be okay
If I can just get through this lonesome day
Lonesome day

Hell’s brewing, dark sun’s on the rise
This storm will blow through, by and by
House is on fire, vipers in the grass
Little revenge and this too shall pass
This too shall pass, darling
Yeah I’m gonna pray
Right now, all I got’s this lonesome day
Lonesome Day

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright

Better ask questions before you shoot
Deceit and betrayal’s a bitter fruit
It’s hard to swallow come time to pay
That taste on your tongue don’t easily slip away
Thy kingdom come, I’m gonna find my way
Yeah, through this lonesome day
Lonesome day
Lonesome day
Lonesome day

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, yeah

Lonesome day
Lonesome day
Lonesome day

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Ohne Worte (Teil 3)

Engagement und Eigeninitiative sind enorm wichtig, wenn man in der Werbung Karriere machen will. Man sollte jedoch darauf achten, dass sich der Tatendrang wenigstens hin und wieder auf Bereiche richtet, die tatsächlich etwas mit Werbung zu tun zu haben. Tief in meinem Unterbewusstsein muss ich diese Erkenntnis bereits als neunzehnjähriger Azubi gehabt haben, denn es kam der Tag, als ich von der Media-Abteilung in die Produktion wechseln sollte. Während sich die Media-Abteilung hauptsächlich darum kümmert, Anzeigenplatz oder Sendezeiten für die Kunden zu planen, zu buchen und abzurechnen, ist die Produktion – wie der Name schon sagt – für die Herstellung der Werbemittel zuständig. Das fängt bei der Anzeige an, geht bei Broschüren und Plakaten weiter, und hört bei Werbegeschenken noch lange nicht auf.

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Bohof (Stuttgart 21)

Es Hasakind hot’s Näsle voll

ond em Bauch en arge Groll:

So a Haufa Geld, ha noi!

A Bohof derf koi Geldgrab sei!

Drom ziagt sich’s schnell sei Stiefel o,

hoppelt so schnell, wia’s hoppla koh

zom S-Bohof em Städtle

ond kauft sich a Billetle.

In Schduagert steigt es grantig aus

„Denne mach i d‘r Garaus!“

S’hält sei Plakätle hoch in d’Luft

ond folgt dem Demonschtrante-Ruf.

„Ihr Seggel!“ schreit des Häsle laut,

„Wann ihr den tiefe Bohof baut,

i hau aich, glaubet’s noh,

links ond rechts an’d Gosche noh!“

© by Marion Schimmelpfennig

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Es Hasakind, es Hasakind,

heilt ond hält sich’s Bäuchle.

D’r Papa secht mit strengem Fenger

Kend, m’r derf net heuchle!

Ha noi, schreit’s Hasakind, em Wengert

han i frische Trauba gsäh,

han blos oine davo g’essa

ond jetzt duad mei Ranza weh

wia a scharfes Messer!

Ha no, du hasch es Ranzablitza,

secht d’r Papa ond denkt noch.

Du bleibsch heid vorm Eigang sitza,

sonschd kommt des Zeig im Neschdle hoch!

© by Marion Schimmelpfennig

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Es Hasakind, es Hasakind

hat a bsondres Spiel im Sinn.

Papa, secht’s, es isch doch Winter,

mach mir a Schleifeze für Kinder!

D’r Papa kratzt sich lang am Bart,

bis er en schlaue Eifall hat.

Gib mir mei Bier, secht er zum Häsle,

I han a Lösung für dei Späßle!

Er nimmt ganz viele große Schlück,

bis ihn sei Blas ganz furchtbar drückt,

dann stoht er uff, goht schnell vors Neschd,

verrichtet dort in Eil‘ sei Gschäft.

„A Schleifeze isch koi Problem,

die koh m’r seicha – ganz bequem!“

© by Marion Schimmelpfennig


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